Room No.5

On the floor of the huge bathroom in the luxurious Room Five, there is a section of beautiful, old, Portuguese tiles in muted tones of duck-egg blue, cream and burnt umber that accentuate, perfectly the dramatic rectangular pattern of the Jupiter-10 wallpaper that lines the 3-meter-high walls of the bedroom. Like all the rooms at the Casa, Room Five creates a perfect fusion between unpredictable and humorous design elements (in the lighting fixtures, carpets and furniture) and the core traditional features of the room: ornate panelling, stripped pine floors, exposed stone doorframes and vast windows. This    light-filled retreat, with its own bright balcony and its bathroom with huge soaking tub and waterfall shower is a sumptuous, cosy delight.

[Floor plan]


We are Filipa and Antonio Fortunato and, together with our four children (and our dog!), we have taken a shared dream and transformed it in to an exceptional reality. Casa Fortunato is the result of many years of planning and many more of love and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve achieved.


The concept of ‘wellness’ is often misunderstood and dismissed as being too much like hard work but we think that the key areas of one’s life: social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, emotional health, intellectual curiosity and spirituality are, in fact, just different facets of one wellness jewel (you!)


The winding, cobbled streets of Lisbon are made for searching out unique treasures, from buzzing restaurants to antique shops. Soak up the lively hum of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities.

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