Welcome To Casa Fortunato

Space to dream, space to breathe, space to be….
António and Filipa’s vision is simple – to create the kind of magical accommodation that they would love to find in the heart of one of the world’s best cities.
Elegant, sophisticated, simple – Casa Fortunato summons dreams in to being.


António and Filipa are parents, they have successful careers but they are also hosts. They are, quite literally, communicators and architects of pinwheels and starbursts, the facilitators of dreams. They seize life and they consider it their fortune to be able to share the best parts of it with the exceptional people whose paths lead them to Casa Fortunato.

When you have sweeping views of the streets of golden Lisbon from your floor-to-ceiling windows, when each individually designed room is a vibrant world of its own, bathed in natural light and buzzing with energy – when the bright, hand-painted wallpaper sings its own story – complimenting the deep tones of the bold paint that covers the walls – when you sink on to your huge bed, made up with Italian sheets and look out over your very own sitting/work area, when you stand under the powerful rain shower and feel your worries washing away – what more could you want?

Healthy, wholesome and delicious – Casa Fortunato’s open kitchen takes its inspiration from a traditional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle while delicately incorporating the Japanese philosophy of ‘shibui’ (beauty in simplicity) in to every meal…

At Casa Fortunato we cook with love, creating outstanding dishes that showcase the quality of the local ingredients that we use. Harmonious, full of flavour and always irresistible, we can’t wait to show you what we’re made of.

We only have nine bedrooms which we consider to be very fortuitous, this is because ‘nine’ is a sacred number, not only does it represent wisdom but it is also the symbol of completion and fulfilment. Nine is thought to be a number of great magic and power, and we believe that Casa Fortunato echoes this through the unique and individual atmosphere that she radiates.


The winding, cobbled streets of Lisbon are made for searching out unique treasures, from buzzing restaurants to antique shops. Soak up the lively hum of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities.

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To the Casa Fortunato Family

It is difficult to write this letter to you without filling it with cliché after cliché – after all, each one of us has had a strange and difficult year, filled with much uncertainty and fear.  As time progresses there does seem to be reason for hope, talk of vaccines and subsequent immunity are inspiring (particularly so close to Christmas) and Antonio, the children and I are approaching 2021 with great optimism and a quiet confidence.The last twelve months have been tremendously demanding for us, I don’t think that we could have experienced more pronounced ups and downs / wins and losses:  we opened the door of our Casa (our souls!) to the public, we won the Mr. & Mrs. Smith award for Best Hotel (which was overwhelming) and then, just months later, Coronavirus crept in to Portugal and life changed beyond all recognition…we swung the doors of CFL shut and waited.  It has been a strange time for the family, living in the home and business that we built to match the blueprints of our dreams and although all of its beauty and finesse remains – our guests (our heartbeat) are missing.  Our corridors do not ring with footsteps, there is no excited chatter in the dining room, there are no friends or lovers or families to nurture, there is just quiet.

We are, in a way, fortunate because these months of solitude have allowed Antonio and I to breathe, to pause and to reassess our lives and, in the space that CV-19 has created, we have been able to reach a monumental decision: we are going to leave Casa Fortunato; to hand the baton over to new and sympathetic owners and to regroup at a distance while deciding which path to take towards the future.

Of course we leave a dream behind – but these strange times have taught us that dreams are wide and ever-changing, that they can be shaped and cherished but you needn’t be held prisoner to them.  The ambiance of Casa Fortunato remains intact, with all the tendrils and swirls of joy that we created running through it – it has grown in to a story in its own right and no longer needs Antonio or I to prop it up.  We dipped the building in to all the love we could muster and now, as gatekeepers, it is our responsibility to pass it to the next generation of dreamers who will nourish it and feed it and add to its complexity.  We will leave Casa Fortunato (with a few backward glances!) energised by our creation and excited by new dreams that wait on the horizon to be built.

As a family we often talk about the CFL adventure and try to pinpoint the moments that have meant the most to us – there are many:  but the journey would not have been possible without you; each one of you a creator and a facilitator in your own right, you have all touched us deeply and we carry you in our hearts as we take our next steps.  Watch this space… there is plenty more to come!

With love and Seasons Greetings for a healthy and happy year ahead.
Filipa and Antonio.