Welcome Back

Half of the year has nearly gone and, unfortunately the world is still assisting to a totally unique and / or lifetime event – a pandemic that is strong enough to stop the world. The world economy never got worse and so exposed to vulnerability than it is currently, by the threat of such an “Invisible Enemy”. In the lieu of the events of the Covid Battle, hundreds of people got tested positive on a daily basis in Countries all over and, the rampant form with which the virus spread has made the humanity to an unprecedent “lockdown” for weeks and weeks. Still is leaving a remarkable foot print in the untypical common human life.

The more confined life feels, the greater is the longing for the world outside. And even though things are still far from normal, the good news is that the world as we know it is cautiously returning and, this is also true for us.

Step by step we are expanding from a confined life to slow start to be back to some habits we all had in the past. As a matter of fact, hotels and other hospitality concept products are truly in the need of being creative and self assure to the guests that the places not only meet to the new standards of cleaning and hygiene, but exceeding in it in a way. And it goes without saying that we will not compromise the level of our service as we aim to maintain or, even develop for better our guest satisfaction. But as passionate travelers, we all know: even small steps will take us to where we want to go. And we are looking forward to this. We are looking forward to welcome you and to show how goof and committed we are in the whole contribution to the amazing world of hospitality.

As more we go and feel the impact of all the current events, more clear picture forms in our minds to be able to anticipate our Guests needs and respective requests. Each request we receive we easily notice a reflex from us, as a family. We handle each request in the best way we can as our aim is to host you in the same way we love to be hosted.

For any enquiries, please contact us on +351 21 8 462 121 or by email to filipa@casafortunato.com

Looking forward to welcome you in Lisbon very soon please accept our best regards,

Filipa & António.

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