An exceptional family with a united vision – to bring a dream to life

António and Filipa’s souls were woven together when they met at university in Lisbon whilst studying architecture. Their varied lives have since taken them all over the world and now they have chosen to focus on helping others bring their long-standing visions to life.

A little bit about us:

Filipa Fortunato

Motivated by emotions, and passionate about both people and causes, all the projects that I am involved in are: ‘life’ projects.

Whatever the nature of the task; passion, dedication and commitment come from the heart and soul – I do not believe that these virtues can ever be compromised. Passion, morals, generosity and the courage to admit and make mistakes – these are qualities that should always be nurtured and encouraged. Throughout my life I have done my utmost to invest in innovation and creativity resulting in authentic and genuine results that are inspiring and life-affirming.

António Costa Lopes

Inherently creative with a truly global vision – António, as an architect, is inspired by life and a desire to create sympathetic, human and bold architecture in a constantly evolving environment. Conceptualizing, designing and managing a wide variety of bold and exciting projects that are as ethical as they are confident.

Not only have António and Filipa had successful careers in their chosen fields [they are dedicated parents to four beautiful children and now] they have chosen to use their accumulated expertise to enable others to communicate and create in a unique and magical way. They are thrilled to be sharing their knowledge with the exceptional people whose paths have lead them here.


Our belief is that the path to ‘wellness’ lies in making one simple, tiny positive lifestyle choice each day; from laughing more, to getting enough sleep, reading that book you’ve always wanted to.

We only have nine bedrooms which we consider to be very fortuitous, this is because ‘nine’ is a sacred number, not only does it represent wisdom but it is also the symbol of completion and fulfilment. Nine is thought to be a number of great magic and power, and we believe that Casa Fortunato echoes this through the unique and individual atmosphere that she radiates.


The winding, cobbled streets of Lisbon are made for searching out unique treasures, from buzzing restaurants to antique shops. Soak up the lively hum of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities.

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