An exceptional family with a united vision – to bring a dream to life

António and Filipa’s souls were woven together when they met at university in Lisbon whilst studying architecture. Their varied lives have since taken them all over the world but it is  now that they have chosen to bring their shared, long-standing vision to life – welcoming guests over the threshold of their exceptional home and in to the sanctuary that is Casa Fortunato.

António and Filipa have known and loved Casa Fortunato for countless moons as it was from here that António ran the Portuguese branch of his bustling architectural practice – but, in amongst the detailed reams of paper and lightboxes and computers that sat on busy desks, Filipa and António had always whispered to each other about a fantasy they shared; to convert the studio in to a hotel.  It would be elegant and unique. It would be, not only their family home, but a home to visitors from all over the world.  They would restore and design a magnificent place, right in the centre of Lisbon, where guests would feel part of the quintessentially Portuguese story that the Casa had to tell, a house where hospitality would be just a fragment of the whole loving picture – a place to forge joyous memories, a place to be. 

In 2016 they made the momentous decision to fashion their dreams into a reality – and so it is that, two years later, Casa Fortunato, the embodiment of Filipa and António’s dreams, is finally open.

António and Filipa are parents, they have successful careers and now they are hosts. They couldn’t be better suited to the part – as communicators and creators they are thrilled to be sharing their Casa, full of pinwheels, starbursts and simple authenticity with the exceptional people whose paths lead them here.

At Casa Fortunato we cook with love, creating outstanding dishes that showcase the quality of the local ingredients that we use. Harmonious, full of flavour and always irresistible, we can’t wait to show you what we’re made of.

We only have nine bedrooms which we consider to be very fortuitous, this is because ‘nine’ is a sacred number, not only does it represent wisdom but it is also the symbol of completion and fulfilment. Nine is thought to be a number of great magic and power, and we believe that Casa Fortunato echoes this through the unique and individual atmosphere that she radiates.


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