Street View

The patinated pine floor feels smooth and cool beneath your bare feet as you pad across the airy room. The arched headboard of your crisply made bed reaches three meters up, towards the moulded white ceiling. Your trail your fingers gently over the boldly papered walls in wonder: geometric splashes of colour that look as they have been freshly printed on to the plaster enhance the energy of the room. The gossamer curtains billow gently on their carved rail, catching the breeze as it drifts in through the vast windows – fresh from the surrounding hills. The sun, warm and bright, casts its golden light on to the raised walls of the bathroom and its tiled floor transforming it in to a glittering sea that you can’t wait to cros.

Each room has, as standard:
  • Unpacking and pressing service on request
  • Daily yoga class
  • Free WIFI
  • Water, tea and coffee
  • Daily newspaper
  • Domestic telephone calls
  • iPod dock
  • Bluetooth connections for music and TV