Only Nine Rooms

Pushing through the heavy-set doors of Casa Fortunato gives your soul an immediate sensory lift. Like the communal areas of this elegant hide-away house, the bedrooms are a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional – where everything shouts but not ostentatiously. Each individual element carries weight or is opulently textured or smoothly lustred and restful on the eye. Every object is significant, and personal; the handwoven carpets brought in the markets of Morocco, the brass clips and frosted bistro lighting that hangs over the doorways of every room, the original furniture, some of which comes from the homes of Filipa and Antonio’s grandparents.  

Room No.1

The largest of all our rooms, taking up an entire corner of the house, with a private, curved...

Room No.2

Room two is a geometric delight in gorgeous shades of green. This light-filled room that looks ...​

Room No.3

Room three is gentle and tranquil with its discreet retro furniture, bold modern lighting and plush ...

Room No.4

Room four has a distinctly 1920’s feel. Its huge windows cast a golden light on the eggshell...

Room No. 5

On the floor of the huge bathroom in the luxurious Room Five, there is a section of ...

Room No. 6

Room 6 is a light, bright delight: the warmth of the ochre walls is mirrored in the soft glow...

Room No. 7

Room seven invokes the exotic; the spirit of Africa subtly mixed with smooth style accessories...

Room No. 8

Room eight pays homage to the natural forms that are found in nature, particularly the simple...

Room No. 9

Room nine is perhaps the most unusual of all our lovely rooms: from the bold, vibrant ...

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