Room No.4

Room 4 has a distinctly 1920’s feel. Its huge windows cast a golden light on the eggshell blue floor tiles that run from the bedroom in to the bathroom – the print of its exuberant Jupiter-10 wallpaper, strong with geometric rectangles and lines, is picked out by the cut-outs of the antique bedside tables and matches the bold band of colour that sweeps along the top of the walls of the bathroom. The soft, brushed black of the crittall panelled bathroom matches the trim of the sink stand – a clever contrast to the creamy, metal shades of the wall lights that bracket the vast bed.

Room Details

36 SQM
King Size Bed/Twin bed
Separate large Walk-in Rain Shower
Floor-to-ceiling windows with a balcony view interior patio
Sitting Area

[Room No.4 can be connected to Room No.3 and in Room No.4 is possible to have an extra bed upon request *]

Standard Complimentary Amenities

Daily Yoga class
Water, Tea and Coffee
Wireless internet
Choice of  Daily newspaper
Domestic phone calls
Bluetooth connection  for music & TV

[Floor plan]


We are Filipa and Antonio Fortunato and, together with our four children (and our dog!), we have taken a shared dream and transformed it in to an exceptional reality. Casa Fortunato is the result of many years of planning and many more of love and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve achieved.


The concept of ‘wellness’ is often misunderstood and dismissed as being too much like hard work but we think that the key areas of one’s life: social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, emotional health, intellectual curiosity and spirituality are, in fact, just different facets of one wellness jewel (you!)


The winding, cobbled streets of Lisbon are made for searching out unique treasures, from buzzing restaurants to antique shops. Soak up the lively hum of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities.

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