Q - Do you support the idea that our normal lives will be rescued one day in a near future?

A – We at Casa Fortunato only believe we will be able to get it back our normal life. Somethings will change for sure, and some habits will be totally request to be changed. But above all we believe that this “lesson” was clear to show us how vulnerable THE MANKIND is. How weak the human being can be, the same way that can be strong and powerful. We believe in the science and in the capacity of the investigation in order to have not only the right treatment for Covid-19 but also, the vaccine to be available to everybody sooner than later.

Q - How do you ensure to the guests that every single piece of furniture, or every single object such as books and magazines, remote controls, door handles and do on… Are properly disinfected?

A – Well, we have been really “picky” about that and one more time we had to make decisions which are not in favor with our aesthetics. However, we also need to look into the perception to be given to the Guests. So, we have been checking all the 9 rooms and taking out and stored, all single pieces of furniture and other decorative objects which we thought it would only have a decorative purpose and not have any purpose of usage. Contrary we actually think that each room looks better now, and looks more in accordance to the mindset of nowadays and we reduced dramatically other ways of possible transmissions. Besides the current turn downs that we have during the day we are constantly disinfecting around the house and its interiors, such as door handles, remote controls of any kind, the piano keys (for those who enjoy playing piano). The public rest rooms and stairs handle, as well as the yoga room and respective props are also cleaned several times per day. We all changed with this Pandemic experience and these are practices that we immediately started implementing since the beginning of the confinement.

Q - Why do you think Casa Fortunato can differentiate from the rest of the normal and typical and traditional hospitality products?

A – Giving the current circumstances that the world suddenly and unexpectedly is going through, we start thinking if it would be us and our four children to go on holidays, we would rather pick a private house, even having all the hotel services included, like Casa Fortunato have. Because this way we would be able to better control the hygiene and if the safety precautions are being in place. So, this is the reason we truly believe. We have to prioritize private groups that will take the entire house, regardless the purpose of the trip.

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