We’ve started as hosts at Casa Fortunato Lisboa in October 2018 until December 2020. What an amazing experience we had!!!

We opened the door of our Casa (our souls!) to the public, we won the Mr. & Mrs. Smith award for Best Smith Hotel (which was overwhelming) and then, just months later, Coronavirus crept in to Portugal and life changed beyond all recognition…we swung the doors of CFL shut and waited.  

Casa Fortunato Lisboa was designed with only nine rooms 

We only had nine bedrooms which we consider to be very fortuitous, this was because ‘nine’ is a sacred number, not only does it represent wisdom but it is also the symbol of completion and fulfilment. Nine is thought to be a number of great magic and power, and we believe that Casa Fortunato echoes this through the unique and individual atmosphere that she radiates.


When you can see the treasures of Lisbon laid out before you from your floor-to-ceiling windows, when your room encapsulates a vibrant world of its own, bathed in golden light and humming with possibilities that are echoed in every minute detail: from the bright song of the confident wallpapers – to the textured tiles of the huge bathrooms; from the deep tones of the bold paint that covers the walls to the luxurious Portuguese sheets that make up your generous bed.  When you can curl up on an easy chair and look out over your very own sitting/work area whilst listening to the splash of water filling your sunken bath …what more could you want?

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