Health and Safety procedures

At Casa Fortunato we really take seriously the wellbeing and safety of all our guests and staff, in the same way we care about any of the members of our family. At the end of the day our House is your House, and we aim guests to feel totally confident about the hygiene of the entire place, the cleanliness of our kitchen and the improvements we have implemented in our day to day routine in all the departments to further remain as a Safe and Clean Zone in this battle against the new Corona Virus.
We will allow each room to have a minimum layover of 24 hours to not be booked and / or occupied in between departure and arrival of the next Guests. The 24 hours allow us to proper clean and disinfect all the room and pieces of furniture as well as other objects, according to the WHO’s considerations.
In the nowadays consciousness of the high-end traveler, we are truly committed to deliver a top quality service within and outside the premises of the hotel by having tested all the outsourced services that we currently offer. We guarantee that the social distance is applicable at all the times.

Taylor Made Programs are also available and to be organized upon request. This is the only way for us to have a full control of the outsourced services we have to contract to be part of the experience.

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