Turning the ordinary into fabulous, residences to dwell in style and the art of living well.

António has long been an architect of residential buildings, it’s an anchor point of his career and his fascination in creating liveable spaces, that have a functional and emotional connection for those fortunate to get hold of one of his projects. Always keen to spot an opportunity, Casa Fortunato offers turnkey solutions to investors, and for those seeking to create a special home in Portugal, whether it be on the coast, in the city or in the vineyards. Equally, creating gorgeously large and spacious apartment living in prime locations is one of our specialities.

Sourcing the perfect address is not always easy, spotting the right budling is a challenge, and then knowing how to release the full potential and create a living space is often a difficult task. We have the contacts, the network and the ability to work with you in finding that home, converting an existing property or going all out to build your own dream house.

From your napkin sketches, to the blueprints, the build and the interior design, we provide a creative solution that works for you. Our houses are our homes, they should be anything but ordinary.

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