Explanatory Health and Safety Procedures during the outbreak of “COVID -19” - Pandemic Battle

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Re-Opening Date – July 01, 2020

Policies and Procedures

Half of year has nearly gone and, unfortunately the world assisted to a real and totally unique Pandemic that was strong enough to stop the world. The World Economy was compromised by such an “Invisible enemy” that made us to a never existed locked down for weeks and weeks, and still is making is foot print in the untypical common human life.

A – We at Casa Fortunato only believe we will be able to get it back our normal life. Somethings will change for sure, and some habits will be totally request to be changed. But above all we believe that this “lesson” was clear to show us how vulnerable THE MANKIND is. How weak the human being can be, the same way that can be strong and powerful. We believe in the science and in the capacity of the investigation in order to have not only the right treatment for Covid-19 but also, the vaccine to be available to everybody sooner than later.

At Casa Fortunato we really take seriously the wellbeing and safety of all our guests and staff, in the same way we care about any of the members of our family. At the end of the day our House is your House, and we aim guests to feel 100% confident about the hygiene of the entire place, the cleanliness of our kitchen and the improvements we have implemented in our day to day routine in all the departments to further remain as a Safe and Clean Zone in this battle against the new Corona Virus.

We even went far and beyond to what the Worldwide Health Organization and the local Portuguese Authorities are putting as the compulsory hygiene inside the house as well as in all the other services and companies that we normally work with to guarantee services to our guests. Such as driving company, tours and activities, local places, museums, restaurants and others. Having said that we are able to guarantee the same standards of Safety and Hygiene for the following services:

    • airport arrival and departure pick up’s;
    • Flight Arrival and departure speed expedition services from aircraft door to the arrival transfer to Casa Fortunato (this service is executed with the main rule of maintaining the respective social distancing within the guests of the group, as well as other people who can be also using the respective locations);
    • Updated list of Museums and interesting places and venues, restaurants and others, which are as well committed and complying with the new rules and procedures for the Battle of Corona Virus. 
    • We created a new list of day tours and activities which can be provided  and fully monitored by Casa Fortunato staff elements and that can still offer and extend unforgettable lifetime memories and experiences;
    • Permanent ongoing evaluation of other possible suggestions of tours and activities may result in updates in the list of  the “to do” list.

In the nowadays consciousness of the high end traveler, we are truly committed to deliver a top quality service within and outside the premises of the hotel by having tested all the outsourced services that we currently offer. We guarantee that the social distance is applicable at all the times.  

Taylor Made Programs are also available and to be organized upon request. This is the only way for us to have a full control of the outsourced services we have to contract to be part of the experience. 

In what concerns to accommodations, Casa Fortunato will only operate an inventory composed by 5 rooms, out of a total of 9 rooms. This way we ensure and provide a more effective social distance in between the guest rooms, and allows the hotel to genuinely comply to all the necessary new procedures. 

For Private Groups booking confirmations, the total number of rooms can be allocated.

As per the  whole inventory (9), distributed in 3 different categories:

1 Room Biggest | Euros 560,00

5 Rooms Bigger | Euros 480,00 

3 Rooms Big | Euros 420,00 

[rates are per night, per room type inclusive of Breakfast and a Morning Daily Yoga Class in the Yoga Room]

During the Covid19 Pandemic restrictions, Casa Fortunato will be operating with the 5 Rooms as follows:

1 – Biggest
3 – Bigger
4 – Bigger
7 – Bigger
9 – Bigger

All the staff at Casa Fortunato was approved to attend a training course to prepare and to implement the new safety procedures. This course will certify us as a few of the hotels in Lisbon to show this certificate. 

Casa Fortunato to supply to the guests, enough masks and gloves, as well as sanitary cleaning gel to be used at any time. Each guest will be given upon arrival a Hygiene Kit that is filled with essentials that needs to be used by the guests in order to protect their personal hygiene objects and to have them locked and kept in the most and safe way in order to protect any transmission both ways.

We will allow each room to have a minimum layover of 24 hours to not be booked and / or occupied in between departure and arrival of the next guests. The 24 hours allow us to proper clean and disinfect all the room and pieces of furniture as well as other objects.

A – Well, we have been really “picky” about that and one more time we had to make decisions which are not in favor with our aesthetics. However, we also need to look into the perception to be given to the guests. So, we have been checking all the 9 rooms and taking out and stored, all single pieces of furniture and other decorative objects which we thought it would only have a decorative purpose and not have any purpose of usage. Contrary we actually think that each room looks better now, and looks more in accordance to the mindset of nowadays and we reduced dramatically other ways of possible transmissions. Besides the current turn downs that we have during the day we are constantly disinfecting around the house and its interiors, such as door handles, remote controls of any kind, the piano keys (for those who enjoy playing piano). The public rest rooms and stairs handle, as well as the yoga room and respective apparels are also cleaned several times per day. We all changed with this Pandemic experience and these are practices that we immediately started implementing since the beginning of the confinement.

A – Giving the current circumstances that the world suddenly and unexpectedly is going through, we start thinking if it would be us and our four children to go on holidays, we would rather pick a private house, even having all the hotel services included, like Casa Fortunato have. Because this way we would be able to better control the hygiene and if the safety safety precautions are being in place. So, this is the reason we truly believe. We have to prioritize private groups that will take the entire house, regardless the purpose of the trip.

Because we love to host families and we love to celebrate with them any special occasions or, a simple family trip we are thrilled to communicate this new possible option for families or other groups by having Casa Fortunato privatized.  Envisioning that this trend will increase in terms of need and demanding for the next couple of years, and looking inside and having realized that Casa Fortunato meets all the necessary requisites to host unforgettable family reunions and / or other groups trips, and still by not compromising the wellbeing of all our guests and staff.

*[During the Pandemic Corona-Virus times Casa Fortunato have the rights to change the concept or format of the Breakfast Service to A La Carte]

[Please note that specially during 2020, we will not charge the high season above stated rates]

[Low Season is November, December, January, February and March]

[High Season is April, May, June, July, August, September and October]

All the requests should be sent to us and we will quote according to each needs and services included

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