We wanted to create a perfect home with which to share with guests and friends from around the world:  we love people  we love hospitality we love bustle we love generosity of spirit we love sharing knowledge of our home city, Lisbon with others   and we suddenly realised that the only way to share our lives and this love of hospitality was to bring our ‘wild dream’ to fruition and CREATE Casa Fortunato.

This might seem a bit extreme – but we suppose it figures that if you want it, you have to go and get it… (and it also helps having an architect in the family!) – this means that every brick, every book, every bedcover – every CHOICE that we have made for Casa Fortunato comes from the heart and is entirely authentic.  Truth is at the core of everything that we aspire to do and by welcoming people in to our home, where we live we have no option but to be honest, this kind of hospitality cannot be ‘curated’.

We have been so fortunate.  To have found one another, to have been able to work towards a shared dream, to have had the support of friends and family.  We never expected, not in a million years, that all our hard work would lead us to this point and we are proud and humbled by a Mr & Mrs Smith’s recognition.


Casa Fortunato - Best Smith Hotel 2019 award by Mr & Mrs Smith

Only Nine Rooms

Pushing through the heavy-set doors of Casa Fortunato gives your soul an immediate sensory lift. Like the communal areas of this elegant hide-away house, the bedrooms are a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional – where everything shouts but not ostentatiously. Each individual element carries weight or is opulently textured or smoothly lustred and restful on the eye. Every object is significant, and personal; the handwoven carpets brought in the markets of Morocco, the brass clips and frosted bistro lighting that hangs over the doorways of every room, the original furniture, some of which comes from the homes of Filipa and Antonio’s grandparents.  

Room No.1

Room No.2

Room No.3

Room No.4

Room No. 5

Room No. 6

Room No. 7

Room No. 8

Room No. 9

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