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The concept of ‘wellness’ is often misunderstood and dismissed as being too much like hard work but we think that the key areas of one’s life: social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, emotional health, intellectual curiosity and spirituality are, in fact, just different facets of one wellness jewel (you!): this sounds quite dramatic, maybe a bit overwhelming! But our belief is that the path to ‘wellness’ lies in making one simple, tiny positive lifestyle choice each day; from laughing more, to getting enough sleep, reading that book you’ve always wanted to.

At Casa Fortunato, under one splendid roof, we have built a space for you in which to breathe, to contemplate and to nurture one’s self, it is our job to allow you the time to make positive choices: daily yoga classes, delicious communal meals, the calming therapies on offer, immersion in to the joyful city of Lisbon – we help our guests optimise their overall well-being by giving them the tools to make simple decisions about how to spend their precious time with us. We help you bring the things you can control under control!

We only have nine bedrooms which we consider to be very fortuitous, this is because ‘nine’ is a sacred number, not only does it represent wisdom but it is also the symbol of completion and fulfilment. Nine is thought to be a number of great magic and power, and we believe that Casa Fortunato echoes this through the unique and individual atmosphere that she radiates.


The winding, cobbled streets of Lisbon are made for searching out unique treasures, from buzzing restaurants to antique shops. Soak up the lively hum of Europe’s oldest and most charming cities.


We are Filipa and Antonio Fortunato and, together with our four children (and our dog!), we have taken a shared dream and transformed it in to an exceptional reality. Casa Fortunato is the result of many years of planning and many more of love and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve achieved.

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