Slow lane living in a typical villa of town, this casa is more than a 100 years old.

Casa Fortunato in Alcácer do Sal is already part of the family and is beginning its new journey in becoming a stylish lair in the old town, just off the market square.

Located on a street named after the Royals, the house will have six suites only, a wonderfully shaded courtyard garden which cascades in tiers and a pool. Inside we are preserving and restoring the old bones, including decorative frescos, and the beautifully worn tiled floors.

The town is typical of the Alentejo, a place that chimes to a slower pace of life, where embroidery is still done the same way as for centuries, rush hour consist of older folk having a coffee, and traditional town life continues under the ever present church bells and the Sado River.

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